Imaging Core

Olga Kovbasnjuk Co-Director
Olga Kovbasnjuk, PhD
  John Gibas Manager
John Gibas

The goal of the Fluorescence Imaging Core is to provide state-of-art light microscopy technology to the members of the Hopkins Basic Research Digestive Disease Development Center and to the whole Hopkins scientific community. 


  • Available services include: 

    • Advice and consent on sample preparation desired scientific approach
    • Some experimental methods and applications include,
        1. Advanced cell and tissue multicolor imaging using Zeiss LSM-510 META including XYZT, FREP and FRET
        2. Live cell and tissue imaging using an Olympus FV1000 MP with ratiometric ionic probes
        3. Measurements of intracellular pH (potentially other ions) on cell populations using PTI’s RatioMaster and QuantMaster spectrofluorometic systems, equipped with temperature controlled perfusion chambers
        4. Access to MetaMorph and Volocity software for advanced image analysis, deconvolution, tracking, etc.
    • Comprehensive instruction on all facility equipment
    • Individualized sample preparation is not available at his time
    • Please click on the link below for a complete list of equipment, location and scheduling


The staff provides extensive training for all equipment located within the Imaging Core.  Access and utilization of Center equipment is not permitted until all forms and instructional sessions have been completed.  Additional equipment and application training can be arranged with outside vendors.  Fees may also apply related to specific equipment certification, see below.


Zeiss LSM 510 Confocal Trained $30 / Hour
Assisted $75 / Hour
Olympus MP1000  Trained $30 / Hour
Assisted $125 / Hour
Confocal Training $250 / Session (5 Hours)
New for 2015 $250 annual membership fee for mid-level systems microscopes

For additional information about our services and equipment, please go to our webpage.